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The year 2015 will be one of many astronomical events, experts  warn in early january, Jupiter will be very bright, a situation that will lead to many UFO appearances. Specialized sites indicate in the first two weeks of the year more occurrences of UFOs, especially in the US.

Specialists from NASA tried to hide it, moreover, they gave a statement refuting this. In reality things were quite the reverse. Experts warn us about the day of february 10, when the Moon, Mars and Venus will form a triangle. The Moon will be placed in front of the planet Uranus.

March 14 is more interesting for astronomers. It was called the pi day. It is known that the number pi is equal to 3, 14. Number 3 is for March and 14 to date. On the March 14th is born the physicist Einstein.

On March 20 there will be a total solar eclipse that will be visible from Norway to the Faroe Islands. On April 4, 2015, will be the first total lunar eclipse that will occur in the US. September 27 will be an eclipse of the moon, which we could see from Romania. We said at the beginning that 2015 started with many interesting events. On January 15th, were published pictures from Mars, which shows a cross carved in rock and very much reminiscent of the egyptian.

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On January 14, a UFO was filmed over the city Massachusetts. People reported seeing mysterious lights, large in size, are in large numbers. One of them said that from 1980-1990, when he worked at a military base, specializing in nuclear weapons, often saw lights appearing above the military area. On january 15th, NASA reoffend. Cuts the broadcast on webcam, in the moment when a UFO was very close to Earth. Specialists within NASA, said that a whole week UFOs in large number, were captured in the vicinity of our planet.

Recently, NASA has declassified a report called UFOs in ancient times. It’s about a report which refers to the romans and the documents showing that they had contact with aliens. Documents that speaks about flying ships, overintelligent people who arrived among the romans, but also drawings and paintings, which are relevant in this respect. In a famous show in the US, many people have talked about experiences they have had with aliens. Not only ordinary people testified, but policemen and former NASA employees too, people whose credibility is high.

Let’s remember about the famous discovery made a few years ago, in the Atacama desert in Chile. It is about a skeleton of 15 inches long. Experts say that it is a human hybrid, with many genetic mutations.

Chilean authorities have hidden this discovery until experts, following the analysis said that DNA is the most disturbing discovery made on Earth. At first it was thought that it was a fetus. After all analyzes were made, scientists have said that it was the skeleton of a man who has black bones, has 9 pairs of ribs and not 12 as people.

Analysis showed that this entity lived after birth between 6 and 8 years. The creature is supposed to be borned by an aboriginal indian mother .

The skeleton was discovered in 2003, and the first results on this strange discovery was made in 2014, under the pressure of some scientists.

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