5 life lessons for success, from antiquity

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Some of the most important historical figures such as Cicero, Epictetus and Seneca, guided by the principles of stoicism, which require people to live according to reason, to abandon the passions and pleasures, to consider virtue as the only good true and prove themselves firmly in the vicissitudes of life.

According to stoic philosophy, we can’t control what happens to us in life, but we can control the perception we have on things. In order to respond correctly in certain situations in life, we need to be aware and control our emotions, not to be under their control, to manage in a productive way, not destructive.

Stoics always saw the glass half full, so that stoics lessons were carefully returned to the american publication attention “Huffington Post”, in the desire to remember that positive thinking lies with each of us:

  1. Give yourself time to think

“If you suffer from external factors, you don’t feel pain because of the thing itself, but because of own perception – you have the power to revoke it at any moment”, said Marcus Aurelius, roman emperor and follower of the current stoic thinking. The Stoics made a clear distinction between thoughts and behavior. A person who does not think before acting will make bad decisions, that will regret. Next time you face a problem, take a break and ask yourself what would be the best way of doing things.

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  1. A new day, a new beginning

“Begin to live, and live every day as if it were another life” was teaching philosopher Seneca. A bad day should not become a bad week. If you feel angry, do not let this be passed on tomorrow. Stop the domino effect before the small disappointments turn into a major crisis.

  1. Establishes a purpose

“If a person does not know where is sailing, no current is favorable” is another quote from the philosopher Seneca. Stoics knew exactly what they want, they had destinations and purposes precisely determined . Make every morning a list of goals that you have for the day. This way you will be more determined to complet them. A study made by Gail Matthews, teacher-psychologist at Dominican University, on a sample of 267 participants, showed that those who noted on paper their weekly goals and strategies had a success rate of 76%, while those who didn’t do that, managed their proposed in a rate of 43%.

  1. Patience is golden

“No great thing occur overnight, nor a grape-vine or a fig. If you desire a fig. If you want a fig, I will say that you have to wait. Let it first blossom, then ripen and then eat it, “said Epictetus, greek dtoic philosopher. Ambitious people live before the times, and patience is the best quality of them, but if you constantly try to find shortcuts, you;ll spin in circles. Quality is sacrificed sometimes from the rapid desire of development, and the enthusiasm can make us skip important steps.

  1. The report success – happiness

“True happiness consists in living the moments of the present, without anxiety and dependence upon the future, without hope being influenced by our hopes or fears. We must be satisfied with what we have. The greatest blessings we find within ourselves. A wise man is content with what he is possessing, without wanting what he doesn’t have, “said Seneca.

We all believe that the success and fulfillment bring happiness, but it can work vice versa too – happiness can bring success and fulfillment. Psychologist Shawn Anchor, from Harvard, has shown that positive thinking increases the level of dopamine, which increases, in turn, the performance level and happiness.

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