Biggest Beauty Maintenance Mistakes

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There will be certain beauty treatments you try that you won’t be able to maintain because they’re too time consuming or because you’re changing your look. Use the recommendations below for managing your look when you’re failing to maintain or deliberately changing a particular beauty treatment.

If you’ve shaped your eyebrows or plucked your eyebrows and you’re short of time or changing the shape of your eyebrows, address the eyebrow hairs as they’re growing in. The short whisker-like hairs that come up when you fail to pluck them are unsightly and look like you’re neglecting your grooming. Instead, consider using a hair lightener for hairs as they’re growing in or make an appointment to have your eyebrows waxed if you’re simply neglecting them for lack of time.

If you’re discontinuing a current hair color or you’re waiting for your hair to get healthy enough to try a new hair color, don’t simply discontinue coloring your hair allowing your roots to make your hair look two-toned. Instead of simply growing out a hair color, consider root touch-ups or other hair treatments such as streaking that will give your hair a more uniform appearance as you let a particular color grow out.

If you’re a man trying to grow in facial hair make sure that you trim your hair as it grows, especially hairs that grow over your lips. Hair does not always grow at the same rate and maintaining a neat appearance requires that you trim your facial hair as it comes in.

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If you’re growing out your hair for any reason make sure that you have it trimmed regularly in order to maintain a neat appearance.

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of lipstick or lip-liner you’re using make certain that you have a tinted lip gloss that you can use instead so that your lips still have that finished look rather than going with no color at all on your lips.

Don’t neglect your nails if you have them polished and manicured. Chipped nail polish looks sloppy and unkempt. If you’re taking a rest from nail polish but your nails are yellowed from prior polish, consider tips from soaking them in peroxide to baking soda or using discoloration aids sold in beauty stores.

Never leave old makeup on and think it looks as good as removing and applying new makeup because it’s not only bad for your skin but creates a sloppy look.

If you tend to wear the same earrings day in and day out, it’s important to remove earrings periodically and cotton swab both ears and earrings with alcohol.

If you wear the same necklace without removing it at night, make sure to periodically remove it and clean out any hair that has collected in and around the clasp.

You may decide to change your beauty regimen for a variety of reasons. Use the suggestions above to maintain your look and avoid looking sloppy when you’re implementing changes into or discontinuing aspects of your current beauty regimen.

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