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If you are looking for a great vacation opportunity you should try to view site to find everything you want for it. In London you can spend beautiful days with your family or friends and travel at convenient prices for you the entire year.

As far as transportation is involved, London offers many opportunities to its visitors. The well-known Oyster cards represent a cheap means to travel around the city. You can use it if you take the Tube, the bus, the National Rail Service or the tram in the city.

Many tourists come to London and want to take a famous black cab in the city. They can also take another type of cab. The cabs which are private must be booked in advance by those who want to travel with them around the city and admire the great places the English capital offers to them. If you come to London for the first time do not get into any cab if you are not sure it is licenced because you might be scammed by the driver.

Being a big city, in London you will find some people who try to take advantage of those who do not know London very well and obtain some illegal money from them. Each part of this city has its own attractions and special atmosphere. Some offer many shopping opportunities, and in other parts you can find great food, exhibitions and cultural attarctions.

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In the heart of the city there are many districts, among which we can mention the City of Westminster, the main financial area of the English capital. You can find here many museums, theatres and other cultural objectives which will show to the visitors of the city the rich history of London.

The North and South of London are different in terms of culture and population. In the North you can find important places to visit like Hampstead Camden and Green Lanes. In this part of London tourists can enjoy many traditional dishes of Turkish, Kurdish and Greek origin.

The eastern part of London was the spotlight in 2012 with the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. In the West you can find many parks, museums and interesting strteet markets.

When you look for convenient and quality accomodation see if the hotels that you take into consideration have a quality assessment given by an independent Quality Assesor. These specialists make annual assessments and are specially trained to deliver this type of service to the clients in the domain of tourism.

You can travel around the city by bike and admire its iconic and most beautiful places. It is the cheapest means of visiting this beautiful city and see its historic buildings, theatres and symbolic places. There are many facilities people can find in London.

The public toilets can be found in the main rail stations but they charge each person who wants to use them. You have many advantages when you visit London, you just have to come here to see everything.

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