Deciding Whether to Integrate Green Technology into your Home Improvements

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Integrate Green Technology into your Home

Most people support green technology, but integrating green technology into your home is an expensive undertaking that requires consideration. Use the suggestions below before committing yourself to choosing a green-technology option for your next home improvement.

Before proceeding with your project, research experience with the technology you’re considering. For instance, if you’re considering using a solar-powered water heater, research pros and cons in terms of costs, efficiencies and even additional housing modifications you might have to make to incorporate this green technology.

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Pay attention to price and efficiency information, and compare those details to more traditional technologies rather than counting the savings you’ll achieve over time. Unless you’ve determined that regardless of cost you’re going to go green, price and efficiency are the two most common areas where green technology creates problems for consumers.

If you decide to proceed with the project, consider consulting with someone who is an expert in installing the green technology you’re considering. Make sure you listen carefully for disclaimers and that you specifically ask about likeliest problems that might occur.

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If you decide against a particular green technology, consider whether there are other green technology options for your home improvement project. For instance, if you’re not convinced that a solar-powered water heater is right for your home, you might consider other green technologies such as water heaters that conserve water or use other technologies. Sometimes a different green technology will work better for your needs.

Do not assume that the green technology you incorporate into your home will definitely increase your home’s value for resale. While there are many realtors and other professionals who describe the benefits of green technology features in terms of home value, you know that your home’s value is also dependent on when you sell it, where it’s located, and even more modern technologies that evolve while you’re in your home. Those things may even render your green technology “old”.

Consider what it would take to undo a given green technology if you find it isn’t working for you. While some technologies require little structural change, sometimes green technology requires other adjustments to your home that you would also have to undo.

Make sure that you read the warranties that come with any green technology you introduce into your home. If a salesperson is explaining the warranty to you, make sure you have a copy of the warranty document so that he or she can point out where the provision they’re discussing is in the document.

Make sure that there are a sufficient number of repair services in your area for the specific green technology you incorporate into your home to avoid difficulties and increased expenses that could be involved in having to have specialized repair work performed on your technology.

Choosing to incorporate green technology into your next home improvement project is a big decision in terms of money. Use the suggestions above for spending time making a thorough consideration of the green technology you’re considering before choosing to incorporate it into your home.

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