How we look at somatic types ?

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How we look at somatic types  ?You consider yourself big, thin or normal, but with some problem areas? Most women include the last category, and this category is itself suffering the most with every extra kilogram that is submitted. Why? Because there are broadly three types of somatic, where fat is stored in different ways, so depending on where it deposit, makes a person who wants to get rid of excess weight life harder.

Namely: the person that adipose tissue is deposited by distributing uniformly on body, that is a bit on the arms, bust, waist, hip, legs, this type somatic 1 – 2 pounds are almost imperceptible. This somatic type is usually robust constructed, where strength training can develop a muscular body in less time than the other two types of somatic. More ” scientifically ” is called mesomorphic somatic type.

The second somatic type is thin constitution, usually the person is tall, with thin bones and weak muscles. Of course, these people can gain weight, and in this case, the predominant fat store in one place, usually in the hip or abdomen. This is ectomorph somatic type.

The third category is represented by people who have the most feminine forms, depositing most predominant on hip and bust. Of course, if there’s exagerate eating, the waist may become less visible. They gain weight easily, but if proper body maintenance, they can have the most harmonious female body of all three somatic. This is endomorphic somatic type.

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Categorization is doing and body shape, actually naming an object with which it resembles. Thus mesomorphic type in most cases include the category “apple”, the ectomorph may be “apple” or “pear” and the endomorph in most cases is “sand clock” or “hourglass”. Of course the human race is very diverse and the categories are usually rarely find in the form of “pure”. There endomorph form of “apple” or “pear” or mesomorphic with “pear-shaped”.

The categorization is done after polls which largely constant can snap out bodies in a particular category mentioned above.

We have to consider that none of somatic types is more beautiful than the other, and each has advantages and disadvantages, and you as a person who wants to stay in shape, you have to choose sport or exercise mode that fits your physical construction . Because otherwise, you can produce your unconscious unimaginable damage to muscles, tendons and joints.

I read on a site that is present to be “healthy living, nutrition and sport” that people with ectomorph type, are the lucky ones, who in his underdeveloped amoeba brain, have bones and long legs, tall, thin bones, fast metabolism, low-fat and he already imagined some Cindy Crawfords out there.

Unfortunately it is not. A woman who is called “thin” and tall can look pretty ugly, as they typically don’t have muscled from “manufacture” and they have to work twice as much to not look like a hanger on which you hung clothes. And the myth that they would have relatively little fat … well yes and no … because even dressed can give the impression that they are thin, but they have fat too, but it usually not distributed equaly and is stored for ex.  on hip or abdomen, places with that with the help of chlotes can be hidden pretty easily.

The muscles are soft and these long, thin and sexy limbs are actually some longer hot dogs. And that there are beautiful specimens that even without sport, look athletic? Normal. But it can be generalized? Absolutely not. Also, most tall people ectomorph type must be careful to joints that are worse than the types more “compact” built, and shorter, such as for example a mesomorphic. Many people have problems with knee joint, so exercises like ” press” must be done with great care and to increase weight gradually.

Tall people in many cases complain of back pain, especially lower back, thus, rooting technique with the bar must be practiced a lot and started with small weight, as it can lead to terrible pain and the person may be feeling like would break in two. Although this exercise for all somatic types must be done with care, do not present a challenge as tough, never for a mesomorphic, especially as it is quite dangerous for an ectomorph.

But ectomorph body can be trained and reaches a magnificent flexibility so that members can exceed the shape and phase of “hot dog”. Dummies are ectomorph body, but they represent less than 1% of the world population, so to imagine that this is only “milk and honey” is utopian. Can become almost perfect? The answer is definitely yes, but for the rest of the other 99.99% of cases, the answer is absolutely not.

I also read that endomorph type ” get fat ” from water too . Take this, yes! I suggest the guy who was able to slam such a sentence, that he should start to write about forestry, I assume has the same knowledge. So something like this does not exist, to gain weight from water or air … if anyone would ever think to that. And if that meant ” metaphorically ” argument does not stand up again . If there are people who make fat tissue more easily than others , the answer is definitely yes , but rapid weight gain can have two reasons.

Physiological problems that the endocrine – hormone , diabetes, etc. . Or cramming without limit , and we’re talking about psychological problems . Most people suffering from stuffing . If you deposit fat after stuffed food is not a problem , in fact it is proof that your body works well . Like , you put too much, this is totally your fault you ate too much and the body did what you normally do with 30 jars of vegetable stew from Grandma , you store it in the pantry , as just do not consume the entire  amount at once … huh ? It’s not like you need them so sharply and suddenly … huh ?

This being said, the endomorph type can stay calm, that it is not cursed and must take care as all other somatic types. So should not get stuffed the evening, if you craving sweets, eat them in the morning or afternoon until after this time should give them away and make exercise instead. Mode of practice, may differ from ectomorph type, for example, which needs fewer cardiovascular exercise and more exercise with weights, focusing on extensions muscles. When training, the report should be like this: 80% and 20% weight exercises cardio and endomorph type would be wise to introduce more cardiovascular exercises, weight exercises are important, but equally can apply a report 60% weight and 40% cardio.

Mesomorphic type, being more robust and often providing genetic certain muscle groups as if already developed for years involved, such as harder increased muscle like the calf muscle, which ectomorphs are struggling on many mesomorph, it comes developed from “factory”. People with this type somatic need to build a plan that includes about 50% – 50% weights and cardio exercises because they tend to develop a balanced body.

For example, although extensions are beneficial to the beautiful curve of the back, they should not insist excessively extensions, these long-term effect widening waist, thin waist that mesomorph is often so lacking, disappears. Mesomorphic type will be the one who will not accuse often joint pain and if doesn’t excess weight lift , will not have inflamed tendons so often as might occur in an ectomorph. After the same period of practice after the same program, the results of a mesomorphic will be more visible than an ectomorph. Mesomorph has many “stubborn” muscle groups as an ectomorph or endomorph would (ex. calf, biceps, forearm extensors, and so on).

But even mesomorph people gain weight, like everyone, but their case, the fat will cover all the muscles, quite proportioned, so it can reach a very solid manly body for women. Because, for exemple, for endomorph, say 5 kg of adipose tissue will result in a Marilyn Monroe body type, accentuating femininity, which is often preferred by men (much more than super skinny mannequins) mesomorphic type will develop large shoulders , the waist usually go away and become quite chunky.

For all three types of somatic rules are the same, there is no certain type somatic that does not need balance in diet and exercise, but different relationships between them. Even if no one is more or less fortunate and to have a nice body and harmoniously developed, all somatic need to take care as much as nutrition and exercise. In fact depends solely on you to maintain balance and enjoy the benefits of a balanced body both physically and in terms of health.

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