Le Tsanteleina – Your Next Resort Destination

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Le Tsanteleina is a 4 star hotel and ski resort located in Val d’Isere, Savoy, France. Near the mountainous border with Italy, Val d’Isere is a world famous skiing destination with slopes that were used during the 1992 Winter Olympics. The town still holds the international FIS Alpine Ski World Cup frequently, as well as other alpine skiing events. With charming stone architecture in the old part of town, Val d’Isere is easily the world’s most captivating ski town.

Visitors arriving in winter can take advantage of the hotel’s central location in town to access nearby skiing slopes. The hotel offers a free service to help guests buy ski passes with a ski insurance option. There are over a hundred ski slopes in the nearby area accessible by over 70 lifts, some of which can even be open during summer! Apart from ski slopes, there are cross country skiing areas, scenic walks, and play areas.

For those who are new to skiing, there are 20 ski equipment rental stores in town. There are also ski schools and ski instructors available in the town to teach you skiing skills. Val d’Isere is truly suitable for both advanced winter sports enthusiasts and new entrants.

Le Tsanteleina has a variety of rooms starting from just €235 for a double room. Wireless Internet access is available for free throughout the hotel to help you stay connected with friends and family. The hotel features a restaurant, a bar, as well as a wellness centre.

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Their restaurant ‘The Table of Snow’ serves fine foods every evening during winter and offers special buffet deals on certain days of the week. The ‘M Bar’ is the perfect place to relax after a long, exciting day of skiing. Aside from having a variety of drinks on offer, the M Bar features a classic fireplace to keep patrons warm. The bar’s many salons and rooms are also open for private booking.

The wellness centre is 600 square meters spread over two levels. It has a heated swimming pool at 28 degrees Celsius and a comfortable Jacuzzi heated to 35 degrees Celsius. Downstairs, visitors can find a sauna heated up to 90 degrees Celsius to provide warmth in the middle of an icy wonder land.

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