Mysterious happenings that never had explanations

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Everything happens in an eskimo village in northern Canada. All the inhabitants of this town, namely 1254 people have disappeared. Moreover, the cemetery which was close to the town was desecrated. All bodies have disappeared, and the dogs were found dead, tied to trees.

When a canadian arrived in the area, who was buying fur from eskimos, found the homes intact, storehouses filled with food and even the fire going in the kitchens, where  pots filled with food were placed on the stove . The event took place at the end of the winter of 1930. He announced the Canadian Police and they began the research. A canadian who lived near the village said that at the night of the disappearance saw a bright object in the sky which stood several minutes above the village.

The investigation was unsuccessful. Another story is the one related to a flight which took place on 29 December 1972. The aircraft was traveling from New York and had 177 people on board. The plane crashed near Miami in an area infested with crocodiles and snakes. However, 75 people survived, including eight crew members.

Interestingly is that many of them suffered other accidents before this one, same tragic. Managed to survive other aviation accidents, car or had been taken prisoner by terrorist forces and escaped. Of the 75 rescued,  27 said that during the accident they had seen two ghosts  on board.

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On March 18, 1974, two years after this accident, two stewardesses and the airplane pilot who survived the crash of 1972, were in another plane that had technical problems, an engine caught fire and were forced to land in emergency.

All three said that prior to burst fire, they saw on the plane window, the image of a passenger on Flight 1972, which hadn’t survived and told the pilot to be careful that the plane will catch fire and he must land. Stewardesse said that the passengers were announced before the incident, by someone unknown, to put seat belts, because the airplane will land. The airline management threatened the crew to stop with such statements because otherwise they will be fired. However, a priest was brought on board.

Another story at least strange happened during the First World War. On Christmas Eve, on a battlefield in France, hostilities ceased. On one side of the battlefield were germans, on the other englishmen. At one point a few german soldiers threw a football on the battlefield and waved the english to join the game of football. The game was interrupted by the two army leaders.

The next day, an english soldier named Wilkinson, told friends that on Christmas night he dreamed that he was in his hometown in his house, where he visited his children. On Christmas night, his Wilkinson’s wife leaves the two children home and go to her sister, whose house was in the neighborhood.

After a while, she hears a voice that calls her and she goes in the yard. With stupor, sees her two children in the courtyard who were calling her. Children told  their mother that their father came home and brought them to their aunt. In the snow where only the traces of the children.

At the end of the war, Wilkinson was killed. At one of the meetings dedicated to the heroes of the war, which attended the Wilkinson’s widow too, she found out from a friend of her husband that he had a dream on Christmas night.

The widow told that every year until 1964 when he died, on Christmas night she saw the silhouette of her husband on the street corner, watching the house in which he lived.

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