New World Order – The beginning of the end

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According to theories and conspiracies, we are in a process of continuous change orchestrated by political and financial powers of the planet. It’s set up an thoroughly plan for a world government led by the society, both secret and discreet, Illuminati! For far too long anvengura planetary events were controlled as a play behind closed doors by the occult minds of secret societies that rule the world from ” shadows shadows “.

If the things would take a bad turn for the mankind, since tomorrow would install panic in the population and even the most calm people would get crazy because of the crowd. When talking about the New World Order should know that it’s something unprecedented and that whatever struggles we have had in a lifetime, accumulated life experience will not be of much help in the fight for survival. We deal with the devil himself, who by every move is trying to implement fear in the population as a ” special skill “.

In the twentieth century, several heads of state, led by Woodrow Wilson ( the twenty-eighth president of the United States, became in time a good historian and political scientist ) and Sir Winston Churchill ( prime minister of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in world War II ), used the term ” New World Order ” in the idea of a new period of history that attest dramatic change in world political thinking and the balance changing of power after World War and World War II. These periods were seen as opportunities to implement idealistic and liberal proposals for global governance in the sense of collective efforts to identify, understand and solve current problems beyond the reach of individual states.

New World Order - The beginning of the end

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Proposals in this case led to the creation of international organizations like the UN ( United Nations ) and NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) and some international agreements like Bretton Woods system and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the iniative to maintain the balance between international powers, as well as to regulate the cooperation between nations for inaugurate a peaceful phase of capitalism. Initiatives above and Internationalism concept was criticized by ultraconservative nationalists forces.

For nearly two millennia, Christian theologians fear a globalist conspiracy that has lead to the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, especially the Book of Ezekiel, taking into account the preaching of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives. They assert that human and demonic agents of the Devil would be involved in a overarching plot to mislead mankind in order to accepting a satanic theocracy to dominate the world ( Satan’s unholy Trinity theocracy comprised of Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, are the base of imperial cult ). In modern theories of Christian conspiracies, False Prophet will be the last pope of the Catholic Church (enthroned by treachery), a charismatic guru of the New Age movement (Evil religion ), while the Antichrist will be the president of a country in the European Union or Secretary general of the United Nations (UN) or a virtual actor (some kind of supercomputer).

We were served with ” The End ” so many times until today with the idea of introducing a state of general panic of the population of the planet. In 2012, when it was assumed that ” End ” is the safest, I was in London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the point is I was on the way to work, some works were held on a sidewalk and on an electronic billboard it was written the work completion date, 21/12/2012 (date when the alleged ” End ” was coming), on 22/12/2012 after having escaped again and again from so called Revelation, the date completion of the work has changed in 06/01/2013.

My mind tells me that conspiracy workers on that site either knew something, either in more developed states social, economic and political like Kingdom of Great Britain, is much easier to ” brainwash ” people.

Freemasonry, probably more and more people have begun to document about the Masonic lodges which consist of approximately 50 members, the highest that can be achieved is 33 (the number 33 is considered satanic by some scholars). As an institution, the Freemasons are fraternal by common moral ideals, spiritual and social (political and increasingly common in today’s society). Masonic Organization (lodges) are present in most countries of the world and can be found in the form of autonomous obedience (composed of blue lodge also called workshops). Freemasonry is the largest secret society (or ” discreet society “) in the world, spreading since the nineteenth century, along with the development of the British Empire.

Illuminati, a secret society founded (somewhere in the seventeenth century) scientists, artists, writers, philosophers and other people of southern Europe (originally atheists, who were against the Catholic Church and against the doctrine applied by the Pope on Catholics ). After they were killed in large number by the Catholic Church, emigrated to France, initially expelled from there too, finding refuge later in the eighteenth century in Bavaria, specifically in Ingolstadt, becoming a branch of Freemasonry. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Bavarian theology plotted against monarchs and state religions in Europe, being removed, he later received asylum at the court of a Bavarian prince.

New World Order - The beginning of the end

Cecil Rhodes, a known promoter of the British Empire, was campaigning for the British Empire to re-annexed the United States in order to achieve a large imperial federation to dominate the world economically and globally. In 1877, while he was only 23 years old, wrote a will in which he wished to fund a secret society (called The Electorate Society ) who wanted to promote this objective.

In 1928, British writer Herbert George Wells, made an appeal to intellectuals of all countries in order to organize a worldwide federation in order to strengthen democracy, granting a global citizenship, in order to build a social-democratic world .

Alice Bailey, who predicted the victory of the allies against the axis in 1940, has published several papers in the years 1920-1930 several papers in proclaiming the return of Jesus Christ and the necessity of launching groups of ” goodwill world ”. ” According to Bailey, a group of masters who do appear in so-called ” Great White Brotherhood ” is working on a plan that consists of inner esoteric closely oversee the transition to the New World Order, but for now, members of the spiritual hierarchy are known only to a few initiates that supposedly they would communicate telepathically, but when will be required, they’ll be personally involved and everyone will know of their presence.

Yonathan Gershom rabbi , in an article called antisemitic Stereotypes in Alice Bailey writings, point out that it does consider only the destruction of judaism. This is notable because it implies that Jews were plotting the so-called New World Order, as the main group that would like more to repress than to create something beneficial.

New World Order has also been called ” Fourth Reich ” by conspiracy theorists because they suggest that the ideology of the state and world government will be similar to the national-socialist from third Reich. Anti-Semites use this term to suggest that a supposed world government will be dominated by jews fascists .

Often film producers, writers, editors, directors in Hollywood presented us hypothesis of a possible alien invasion (the so-called ” Grey ” alien race being the most common), but few people know that these assumptions also have an idea, now honestly, if they didn’t exist, why we were thinking about aliens? Why do we imagine how they looks like?

What we’d try to reproduce so called ” own images ” with these amazing creatures? I don’t say that in a past life I have met or have been part of another species more intelligent, but I have a theory (i don’t think it’s the product of my own imagination), but I wonder if we, the so called ” humans ” we are aliens who came to earth millions of years ago, killed the dinosaurs, and since then, the Earth serves as our ” home sweet home “. So called meteor that killed the dinosaurs certainly was not a meteorite.

Since 1970, it talks about Grey aliens race and Reptilians, being Intraterestrials from deep hollow of earth, they are seen as part of the New World Order, with more or less important roles .

Global Elite that’s already in power, is the modern adept of Lucifer and pursuing a transhumanist agenda designed to develop and use human technology to create a posthuman ruling caste, the speeding toward a technological singularity will be so quick that ordinary┬ápeople will be unable to charge what is happening around them. I fear that the result of this morbid agenda will be the appearance of a new world or even extinction of humanity.

Radical militias in the United States argue that the New World Order will be implemented through a dramatic coup (coup d’etat) by a secret team using black helicopters in the United States and in other countries to bring a totalitarian government world controlled by the UN (United Nations) and imposed by foreign troops of ” peacekeeping ” of UN. This military coup would involve suspension of the Constitutions, the imposition of martial law and the appointment of military commanders in the states lead.

New World Order - The beginning of the end

New World Order is implemented through programs of mass surveillance and the use of social security numbers for people, product barcode, universal code marking merchandise and newest radio frequency identification using RFID chip implants. After September 11, 2001, american secret services records daily over 1.5 billion phone calls. Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre warns against promoting consumption, they warn that governments and large commercial companies plan tracking every move of consumers (each of us) with RFID, which would be the last step toward totalitarian state who oversees the citizens like in the novel ” 1984 ” by George Orwell.

Christians fear that these technologies resemble the number of the beast in the Book of Revelation, so would like to resist the proposed system (more or less with our permission) of the New World Order.

Conspiracy theorists on the rights of Christians, believe that there is an ancient occult conspiracy started by the early Gnostics and continued by their successors, such as being so called esoteric (Kabbalists, Cathari, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and ultimately, that Illuminati- trying to undermine the Judeo-Christian foundations of the Western world and implement a new world order through New Age religion ), and the world is ready to embrace this new imperial cult of the Antichrist.

If it’s not obvious enough already, I tell you, its wanted the decrease of the population by a percent between 50% and 90%, and those who remain will be only those with a so-called power, simply because will worship Lucifer, who finally will get to lead this world full of sin. It’s plotting programs targeting health care and family planning that promotes abstinence, contraception and abortion (intentionally reducing the largest part of the world population through genocides caused by unnecessary wars, the spread of epidemics and vaccine viruses created by engineering genetic and environmental disasters caused by intentional weather modification program called HAARP).

New World Order - The beginning of the end

Codex Alimentarius: From my point of view is the most successful bullshit ever until now , a big burn. With the power help, this elite that directs every movement of the population can afford to introduce disease into the food we eat, and the disease does not react once arrived in our system, but it eat us inside out, so during future years, reached maximum age of an adult is 45 years.

The proponents of conspiracy theory argue that governments , big business and the media are involved in the process of creating an international consensus ” culture of fear ” because, through increased social control potential would induce fear on the population thereof occult power. The biggest fear of conspiracy is that those who conspire using the mind control , a range of techniques designed to thwart self-individual in his own thoughts, behavior, emotions and decisions. Techniques include everything from Manchurian candidate, a brainwashing agent, to effect psychological operations (fluoridated water, subliminal advertising, broadcasting spectrum of Silent Sounds (SDST) SSSS Medusa and parapsychology operations , such as Stargate project to influence the masses.

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI says the global financial collapse is mentality profit responsible for any cost and demanded the creation of a New World Order for the so-called ” common good “. In 2011 and 2012, the Vatican announced that it would back gradual implementation of a New World Order.

Vatican Experts announced that is necessary the creation of a Planetary Central Bank . In 1928 its set up at Madrid Holly Cross Society and the work of God (Opus Dei) who later passed into the hands of the Pope and established ties with the mafia. Inside the Catholic Church supposedly that spiritual matters is the mask which it directs masonry, finance, trade and political world. It is noteworthy that di Santo Spirito Bank is the oldest in the world and was founded by Pope Paul V in 1605.

Given the movies, even the old, serials, books and last but not least, the ads have been shown to be effective in so-called population control, the brain washing has ” maintain peace ” on society. Imagine how it would be like one of your favorite actors to appear on TV and argue that in fact the work they submit it, it’s not what you think, on the contrary, every movement, every little uncommon sign informs the control is held by someone else, someone too much large to unveil his identity.

I would like to conclude by saying one thing; Big Brother will be watching and no matter how hard it seems to believe, guides, more or less, every move. Be careful not to have concerns, but most important is to know how to stay away from the doctrine of the New World Order. Together we concede, we are stronger together, let’s be free!

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