Some important attractions in London

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In London you can see a lot of beautiful places and tourist attractions. This city offers everything you want to experience during your holiday with your family or friends.

There are many streets that will make you wander around the city the whole day. The restaurants, the pubs an theatres will give you reasons to come back to this beautiful city. When you want to go to the airport, you can ake a taxi to Heathrow airport and you will never be late.

A taxi to Heathrow airport will take you there without a delay. But in London you can see a beautiful architecture. For example, Meard Street, in Soho is an important attraction for tourists because here they can find old Georgian houses. On this street, the renowned artist Sebastian Horsley lived until 2010.

In London there is a skateboard yard as well. It can be found on the Southern support pier of Hungerford Bridge. This place has been chosen as a graveyard for old skatepoards because the bridge is near a famous skate park of the city. In the past, the tallest structure in London was The Monument. It was built to commemorate the great fire of London in 1666. This is an obligatory building to see when you visit London.

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There is no elevator here, but the view is really spectacular after you climb the 311 starirs that will take you to the top. You can get a certificate that shows you were here. If you are a film lover you can visit the British Film Institute. Here, there is a hidden bar which serves drinks to those that have the courage to discover it.

You can do a lot of things in London when you are on a holiday. You can attend free events, spend a beautiful time with your kids, see castles, monuments and old bridges or walk down the streets full of history. There are many world-class restaurants in London. A special place that you can not miss is the Dennis Sever’s 18th century townhouse.

It gives you a glimpse of the past through its Georgian and Victorian rooms and will make you understand better the history of this city. You can also enjoy a free art tour at the National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square. Here, more than 2.000 paintings are on display and they can be seen by every tourist. You can not miss an afternoon tea in London.

This experience is offered by many hotels in the city and even restaurants and other special places that offer the possibility of a relaxing time.

If you are with your partner in a romantic holiday, London is for sure a very choice for you. You can find romance in many unexpected places of London and share this incredible experience with your lover. You will need an umbrella during your holiday in London so look for one at one of the oldest European umbrella shops, James Smith and Sons.

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