Special Considerations For A Business Located Solely Online

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If you’re a business that functions totally online, your Internet marketing approach should likely be different from businesses that engage in more traditional ways with customers. Use the suggestions below for your Internet marketing approach when your business is 100 percent online.

If your business is completely online, you’ll need to spend time and money making sure that your website is topnotch. This means that you’ll want to get the best website development you can get within your budget. Research website companies thoroughly before choosing which professional will design your website.

Internet marketing will not replace business contacts you make in person. While your business transactions with customers may be exclusively online, you should not become a hermit.

Make certain that you have separate phones and email addresses for your online business customers to contact you instead of using your home email or phone, so that you can present a professional image.

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Consider having a customer service phone number in addition to an email address for your customers to reach you. While there are many examples of businesses that don’t take phone calls from customers, but instead guide them through email, having a phone contact can not only be an important enhancement for your online efforts, but can save you time with quick inquiries that you an answer without having to compose an email.

Make sure that you provide reassurance that both money payments and product or service delivery are safe in terms of protecting your customers’ personal information and in terms of customer service in the form of delivery. This reassurance can be in the form of guarantees you provide regarding refunds or it can be in the form of including services from well-known companies that ease a particular process.

If your company offers products that are based on size, carefully consider refund and exchange policies that provide for you bearing the cost of customers returning or exchanging products as these can quickly add up into an unreasonable expense.

Consider ways you can brand your business even if you’ve never met your customers in terms of packaging as part of your Internet marketing. Special packaging that supports the business image you’re trying to convey can be a great support to Internet marketing.

If you don’t want to undertake the cost of paying for customers to return or exchange products, consider putting a limit on such a service rather than doing away with it all together. For instance, you can provide tools to help customers with sizing and also provide that the first return or exchange will be free rather than leaving the free return or exchange policy open-ended.

Consider creating a customer community that can support customer loyalty by incorporating the use of customer forums into your Internet marketing materials. Other ways of creating community when no person has ever met another person include using social media, posting images and even addressing people by name in your email marketing materials.

If your business is completely online, your Internet marketing approach will differ from businesses that are not completely online. Use the suggestions above to improve the effectiveness of your Internet marketing when your business is completely online.

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