Successful Cold Calling

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Ah the dreaded cold call. For some a piece of cake, they can just pick up the phone, call absolutely anyone and put the phone down after a friendly conversation that results in a positive outcome – usually a sale.

Then there are others who can’t think of anything worse than calling a stranger, apart from being rejected by them that is. For some businesses though, cold calling is inevitable and is the only way that the company is going to reach more customers and grow.

If staff are uncomfortable with calling a potential customer then it is going to seriously hamper any attempt at expanding sales and brand recognition. Whether you are completely fine with it, or for those who need a boost with their cold calling skills, here are a few tips to help improve confidence and get better results.

Before you’ve even made the call make sure you have done your research and know as much as you can about your target audience. This will help you angle your sales pitch towards their specific business and its needs. And don’t forget that the call doesn’t necessarily have to be about making a sale, sometimes its a set up for pitching the sale in a later meeting.

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Along with research make sure to prepare your opening statements and have some key pieces of information that you want to convey. Obviously this doesn’t mean you read from a script, but having notes written down will help guide the conversation. Firing off a peremptory email can also help smooth the way when you call the prospective client. If they read it great, this is also going to help guide a conversation and lay a foundation for your pitch.

Cold calling requires keeping an eye on your goal because it is tough and you will face rejection from time to time. Mentally prepare yourself for these and learn to accept rejection.

It’s not personal – they aren’t rejecting you. They are rejecting the offer, or the company, or maybe they just don’t have time for a conversation. If you feel like you are getting stressed out just step away from your desk and take a break. Focus on the good calls, the great connections you’ve made and the sales that have been processed.

Celebrate your successes and embrace rejection as part of the game. Look at it this way – some will, some wont, so what? For more advice check this article .

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