Watch dogs game review – hackers in a dystopian world

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Watch dogs game review - hackers in a dystopian worldWatch dogs it’s a video game of action and hacking developed by Ubisoft.  The game comes on the market on May 27 and will be available for Microsoft Windows operating systems, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox and Playstation One 4.

Game uses the Havok Physics and Disrupt graphics engine and offers single player and multiplayer options. Everything happens in a fictionalized future in Chicago, a city centralized and managed through the CTOs system developed by Blume.

Story in single player option is driven by the character Aiden Pearce, a clever hacker that can access the control system of the city, which gives him access to various electronic systems and information that helps him to interact with the system in his behalf.

Game play

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Watch Dogs presents an open world adventure in which the player controls Aiden Pearce who hackes various devices to resolve targets and advance in the story. Among the things that can be hacked, people phones of the street and stealing their banking details which the player then uses to create distractions and cause chaos in the city. The player receives information concerning civilians through augmented feeds which helps him to interact in various ways with those characters.

Hacks mechanics of Watch Dog happens on Aiden’s phone that he always wears it. The phone shows multiple applications including profiler and crime prevention system, and applications that interact with the environment of the main character, they interfere with traffic lights and communications for example. The objectives include specific targets of killing, evading police and tracking of potential victims to stop those trying to kill them. The style of play involves a combination of components steath and parkour along with third person shooter mechanics.

Central mechanic of Watch Dogs game is hacking . Aiden ‘s phone, the character that controls the player is able to hack 100 different sites, this option is the center of all stories . By profiler application, the player can access information about any character in the game that meets and can read random messages or listen to calls between characters . This way he can have access to new unencrypted missions.

This system allows the game seem more real and vivid, giving a more realistic perspective on the whole experience. The phone is connected to the prevention of such so the player can know when a crime occurs in the city, being able to stop it if it moves pretty quickly. These activities help increase Aiden’s superhero ‘s alter- ego. Because he is connected to the centralized system of the city, the player can adjust various settings such as traffic lights, pipes under the city or town lights to eliminate opponents and create diversions or hiding.

Multiplayer module

Watch Dogs includes a system for asynchronous multiplayer game which is manifested by the interaction of two players. A player secretly infiltrate in single player experience of another player and needs to find him and infiltrate a virus in his phone in order to get information from it. Initially, the player in whose game has been entered, doesn’t know that he has an intruder trying to steal his work, but after the virus takes effect, it needs to stop it. If the player entering the game manages to steal another database, it will be stronger in his own game. Among other multiplayer module are decryption, online hacking, mobile challenge and a racing mode.

Game story

Watch Dogs has as protagonist a hacker named Aiden Pearce who is in Chicago. The whole world is based on the concept of war of information and linked data, and the use of technology to a point where it no longer knows who controls the technology. Everything happenes in a parallel universe in which Chicago is controlled by a super computer that holds all the information of citizens and controls all the technological system. This system was put in place after a major blackout occurred in 2003 and might have been a hidden plot meant to spark a technological revolution in which people only have the illusion of freedom and safety.

Watch Dogs is widely appreciated by critics and gaming magazines, receiving over 83 awards and scale exhibitions nominations. The game has about 40 hours of gameplay in single player campaign. Can be played on minimum technical setups that include Windows Vista operating system, an Intel dual core 2 quad q8400 or AMD Phenom II X4 940, 6GB of RAM and a video card that supports Direct x 11 with 1 GB RAM . The game requires 25 GB of space available cost now 50 euros.

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