What are opportunity niches for the Romanian furniture industry?

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 What are opportunity niches for the Romanian furniture industry?The Romanian furniture industry must take into account the trends in the European and world economy in order to provide opportunities on domestic and foreign markets.  By means of harmonious development it has to use and profit from wood as a main raw material source, especially for it is a regenerative resource.

There are a few aspects in motivating us to do so such as the following:

-The growing demand for furniture made out of wood and wood and other materials considering the better comfort end-users want;
– Exports from developed countries are oriented towards products that have a high degree of processing, done using high-performance technologies and having high added value;
– For increasing productivity, manufacturing technologies are continuously developed but also to decrease electricity consumption and improve environmental factors. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of investment facilities offered by specific European and world banking programs;
– Partnerships represent the key to develop production, using the principle of specialization – cooperation between large companies
–  Merging companies that support upgrading programs to increase economic power.
– Large industrial consortiums invest in countries where they can make quicker profit.

Romania must permanently identify the opportunity niches of this industrial domain. It must be receptive to useful information that comes up regarding global and regional trends. Also depending on the demand perspectives in potential areas the costs and benefits of structural adjustments should be evaluated.

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In a European context Romania’s furniture industry with its 2990 factories employing around 110 thousand people is seen as a medium-sized industry which even back in 2004 exported furniture to many European countries having a good image in terms of competitiveness of the products it manufactures. According to an international top, from 66 countries that manufacture furniture our country finds itself on no. 35  regarding production value, no. 22  in export value and no. 40 for import value.

We may find, analyzing the current status of the value chain,that over 90% of the Romanian furniture manufacturers use in the national chain an integrated processing technology starting from raw material up to creating the finished product.  Having plenty of raw material sources only few manufacturers resort to semifab or prefab subcontracting from specialized manufacturers. In advanced EU countries, the opposite happens, as the technological flow fragmentation phenomenon is already being used by most of the furniture manufacturers.

The Romanian furniture industry within its specificity demands both adequate processing and finishing equipment and areas for storing raw materials, technological materials and other auxiliary materials required for manufacturing finished products. Having a prolonged manufacturing cycle, the need for fixed and moving assets demands a relatively high capital. The quantum however, is determined by the size of every company.

The fact that ,an important furniture industry existed before 1989, represented an opportunity for entrepreneurs who benefited from the already existing fixed assets whose acquisition was full of advantages, compared to creating new enterprises, which involve purchasing new locations and equipment.

Thus, profitable investments are born by acquiring a former furniture factory, developing new ideas and study every opportunity niche. As offers are plenty, go and judge for yourself right here: http://businesses-properties.com/former-furniture-factory-from-romania-for-sale/.

Furniture manufactured in Romania, of many different kinds (for bedrooms, living rooms, youth rooms, children’s rooms or offices and administrative areas, etc.) made in a large variety of shapes and material combinations have managed to enter the Western European markets after 1992, being very appreciated by consumers.

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