When it is the best time to visit London?

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London is known for its rainy days so it is good to know when it is best to visit this beautiful city. If you have some spare time in January, you can try to make your best of the time you spend in the capital of England.

In this month, London is perfect for shopping, because you can find here the small prices in the winter sale. Also, you can visit London’s free attractions.

In February, you can remark the China’s influence on the city, but also enjoy a romantic staying and find out all there is to know about fashion. A good time to visit London is March, because now you can admire the river Thames in in all its splendor and the early spring blooms will be impossible to forget.

April is perfect for visiting London if you want to enjoy free events, including London Marathon and Oxford. In May, you can attend many open-air events, with flower shows and fun activities for all people. You can have a nice staying in London in the spring.

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In June, you can see in London the famous Queen’s birthday parade, while in July you can get more familiar with London’s outdoor attractions. August is that month of the year in which London hosts the biggest street party in Europe.

In September, London hosts city-wide celebrations and many of these are free to attend. You can have a lot of fun if you decide to visit London in this period. October is the month of the cinema, because you can enjoy interesting events that involves the cinema scene.

Weather is colder in November, but you can enjoy London festive lights. December is the month of holidays, when you can spend the nicest time with your loved ones. If you visit London this month, you can go to Christmas shopping and see the most impressive New Year’s Eve celebrations.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter when you choose to visit London, because every period of the year is special. There are so many things you can do in this city, whether you are alone, with your children or friends.

You can visit museums and galleries, go to concerts and different cultural events, go to cinema or theater, or just enjoy the vibrant nightlife in London. In addition, you can easily get a taxi transfers from Heathrow to your hotel or different places in London.

It is impossible to get bored in London. You can easily find something interesting to do and a great place to visit.

Because it has so many great things to offer, millions of people visit London every year. These people enjoy their quality time spent in the capital of England and are happy to return here whenever they can. Therefore, it’s hard to resist the temptation to visit this wonderful city, no matter you can visit it in the summer, in the spring, in the autumn or in the winter.

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